WordPress.com goes all-in on HTTPS

Nearly two months ago, WordPress.com completed the rollout of HTTPS all across the blogs hosted by them. They used to limit themselves to only WordPress.com domains, but after the rollout all websites, including those using custom domains use HTTPS. With a valid SSL certificate, issued by WordPress.com, communication with the blogs they host and your browser is now encrypted for every WordPress.com blog you visit.

That means that Joomla-and-more.com is now using HTTPS as well. Look at the green lock in the top left corner. Isn’t it glorious? Okay, maybe it’s not that impressive.



This rollout by WordPress hits two birds with one stone: it increases the security of the websites, prevents modern browsers from throwing a hissy fit when visiting what is now a formerly unsecured site, and it should help with Google’s search algorythm update that ranks websites that use HTTPS higher.

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