About me


I’m Steven Zeegers and I’m the man behind this blog.  As a System Administrator (7 years) and a Freelance IT Journalist (+10 years) it often strikes me how hard it can be to find a solution for IT problems on the internet.  That’s why I started this blog, to aid those who run into the IT (related) problems I once struggled with myself.  I’ve decided to share my knowledge in areas like Joomla, Ubuntu, Microsoft Windows or software solutions, because there’s a need for clear, easy to understand answers.  As you’ve noticed, my solutions are simple and straight forward.  Why make things complicated?  Or assume that you “know how things must be done when you’re just a beginner?

I hope that this blog can help you with your problem.

(1) Don’t use this mail for support questions. If one of the articles on this site doesn’t help you, try the Joomla Forums.
(2) SEO and other “Development Companies” who want to “improve my site”, your replies will end up on my other site, http://crappeoplemail.me
(*)Noticed I’m using WordPress.com to blog about Joomla? Good catch. 😉


  1. Thanks again Steve,

    Sometimes all you need is alittle tweek here and there, for things to work. Joomla is great, but I needed the “computer programing” knowledge to figure out a few slight problems with my site. I could not have done it without your awsome help. Now I can follow-up with the rest, because I know the right questions to ask. Much appreciated – a good web site – promotes good business
    All the best


  2. Hi there, My name is Pieter and have been using Joomla for the last year. Unfortunately, I had to learn the hard way by studying as much as I can from the web and leave countless emails and requests on forums with no reply until last week.

    To my surprise someone answered immediately, this is when I have med Steven. Communicating to him via Skype (writing) as if we was in the same city, although we wore in opposite places in the world. He was able to solve my problem immediately and also give me the opportunity to learn by this doing. It is easy to tell when someone is doing something that they love, and he is a clear example if it.

    I wish Steven all the best for the future and I know if he treads all his clients like he did tread me. He will only grow from strength to strength, and I have made a new friend.




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