Joomla & More is “No more”

Hello everyone,

After having started the transition away from “Joomla & More” over a year ago, we are now near the finish line. In the next week, the domain name will (finally) expire. This is the final nail in the coffin of the brand that tried to bring you Joomla news that wasn’t associated to a template- or plugin-provider.

Since all our channels have already been rebranded using the new monniker of “PowerUserGuide” there will be no impact for the people that come to our site for “How to” articles. Google should have ranked the articles under our new domain name by now – if it’s not done after a year it’s likely never going to happen – so there is no reason to hold on to the domain name.

This is us signing off as “Joomla & More” one list time.

The Team Formerly Known As The Joomla & More Team

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