About PowerUserGuide.com

Hey there! We knew that a smart and explorative person like you would eventually want to know a little more about what goes on behind the scenes of this website. We understand! It’s time to introduce ourselves and our website.

Poweruserguide.com is a website for “Power Users”. But what’s a power user? If you ended up on this website, you are one of them! But I’m sure that doesn’t help.

Power users are technology users that do more than your average Jane Doe, who browses the internet, plays Solitaire and complains that the “internet” is working. You want to do more with your PC, TV or piece of technology. You’re the reason the “Advanced Settings” exist. You’re not afraid to experiment a little. But you are also interested in learning more, and that’s (hopefully) how you ended up on this website.

Our website wants to help advanced users like yourself by offering the best tips, tutorials and reviews on technology that we can possibly create. We want to be your user guide where no user guides exist!

About the author(s) of Poweruserguide.com

This website is created by Steven Zeegers. Steven is an IT professional who has been writing about technology for years. He started this website because he noticed a problem. Sure, there’s tons of websites with “solutions” out there. But most of them leave you thinking “What did I just read, and how does that solve my problem?”

Steven also runs a few other blogs, and has hobbies and stuff. He doesn’t like talking about himself. However, you can find him on Twitter rambling about geeky topics.

This website aims not be different. However, if there’s still something that isn’t clear to you, then you can always just ask us