Managing Exchange without an Office365 License

Just because you’ve got full admin privileges on an Office365 installation, doesn’t always mean that you have – or need – an Office365 license. The company I work for manages the Office365 installations for it’s clients. To do so, we use an Admin account without a license as this would only add costs.

However, that poses a problem since this means that the Admin can’t access the Exchange portal directly. One easy way to access it is either by visiting or by clicking the “Outlook” app wherever you’re located.

But without a license, this will generate an error.

Unfortunately, the solution is to remember or bookmark an URL. The following URL will give you direct acccess to the Exchange Control Panel (although the name might change):

Using this URL you’ll get full access to the Exchange features of the website, allowing you to do your job. It would be nice to have at least an App or a menu item for the ECP for every Admin regardless of their license status, though. Microsoft, are you listening? 😉

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