End of Teachers Exchange support

Due to “organizational changes” to Reddit’s Teacher Exchange, Joomla & More will no longer be participating in this even this year – or in the near future.

The new direction chosen by the organizers means that teachers will be competing in what can best be described as a “Battle Royal” for funds of people donating money. We have little interest to weed through countless “projects” to find something that matches our interests (and, more important our budget) that isn’t a “LEGO wall”, a trip to Spain for $75,000 or a hand full of iPads ‘to spice up the class room’.

Additionally, the response from the JAM community (That’s you guys) has never been of a nature to justify slapping the sites’ name on the donation(s).

Our heart goes out to all the struggling teachers that were hoping to participate in what used to be a way to buy them some much needed supplies. However, we feel that it’s important to stick to what we believe in, and coughing up $30 for “labor costs” which could easily be used for two mega boxes of pencils or various smaller items, is not something we’re interested in. If we were swimming in money, we wouldn’t be blogging about Joomla on a WordPress platform. Obviously.

Best of luck to all of you for the next school year. Maybe we can be of help in the future.

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