A Small Update On Content

Hey everyone,

You might’ve noticed it (or not) that we’ve been struggling to post regularly in the past two months. The reason of this is two-fold, and while I want to put the blame on 2016 for being an unpleasant year that would only be partially true.

  • I’ve been dealing with some personal issues. Which, since they’re personal, are none of your concern so I never told you about that. Simple as that. I am looking forward to rediscovering a state of mind where blogging is something I can focus on.
  • My “Joomla” hiatus mught be even bigger than my “blogging hiatus” simply because I’ve been using other tools to get the job done lately. The company I work for has chosen to use Joomla most of the times in the past, but at the time I am in the middle of building a bunch of kick-ass websites using WordPress and WooCommerce. And, while people like to give WordPress shit for being a spaghetti code horror, there are far less problems to solve with WordPress, so there’s less to write about. Or I’ve just been having beginners luck.

That being said, I am going to repeat myself when I say that I will be trying to post more. That probably means talking about the technology that I am using, which means you’ll see more WordPress / WooCommerce posts. It is what it is. I didn’t choose the name for this blog either! (*)

(*) I did choose the name of this blog, but my crystal ball wasn’t functioning at that time, so this is awkward.

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