Adding Multiple Pages to WordPress At Once

When you are trying to take your WordPress site beyond a “Blog and a few pages”, you might run into some problems – especially if you’re coming from a Joomla background like me. One of them is that it’s kind of a pain in the butt to create multiple pages quickly.

In Joomla, I could rapidly create pages by (ab)using the “Save and new” button, but there is no such thing in WordPress. But of course, as is often true with WordPress (and Joomla) there is a plugin for nearly everything.

When you are looking to add multiple pages at once, we found a plugin that might interest you. It’s called “Bulk Page Creator” and does just that: It lets you add multiple pages at once.

You can set the category and status for the pages, and then separate the pages you want to add with a comma. We used the plugin to add fifty pages in a few minutes. When creating the pages, you can choose the “parent page”, and you can choose whether the page should be empty. The alternative is writing some content (which will then be added to all pages.

You can find Bulk Page Creator in the plugin directory.

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