Upgrading a WordPress.com Blog? Get Paypal first!

The past few weeks, I’ve considered upgrading this blog.  The motivation is simple: This is the second most popular Blog / Site I’ve ever made.  Instead of trying to replicate that success, I’ve decided to improve this blog instead.  One thing that I want to change, is the domain name.  Who in his right mind would look for IT tips on a site named “toretto84.wordpress.com”? Google does, but I sure wouldn’t. 

So, I’ve checked out the domain name upgrade (Don’t get me started on “hosting your own blog.  I tried, It doesn’t work for me.) and the price seems to be right.  15 dollars a year is less than I’d have to pay for a domain name if I register it myself.  What somewhat surprised me, though, is that WordPress.com only allows you to pay through Paypal. 

I don’t always read the fine print – my bad, I guess – so I assumed I could use my VISA.  Turns out I was wrong.  Luckily, it’s extremely easy to set up a Paypal account.  And, in these modern times, it’s a breeze to transfer money to your Paypal account, even without using a credit card.  All you do is transfer the amount you want, to Paypal’s Bank Account for your country, using the right reference and you’re set. 

Had I known that it was THAT easy, I’d have used Paypal before.  Unfortunately, Paypal isn’t very obvious about this option; which might scare some customers.

So, let me repeat that.  You don’t need a credit card to use Paypal.   This makes Paypal a very interesting tool for me.  No need to “link my Credit Card” to Paypal”? That’s excellent!

My point is: If you’re planning to upgrade your WordPress.com blog, register for a Paypal account.  It’s safe, and easy to use.  Even easier than I thought. 

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