Last day of the week… and year.

Yes, I’m aware that tomorrow isn’t the last day of the year.  But for me, it’ll be the last week of the “work year” as I’m taking my vacation days.  I know that everyone says it about himself, but I really deserve this break.  I’ve been working for 2,5 years straight, and am glad to finally get a chance to relax.

To be honest, I’m sure that there won’t be much relaxing at all.  I’ll most likely be stressed about work anyway (I’m the only Sys admin they’ve got); and I seem to run from one unpleasant situation to the other lately.  All I can do is hope for the best. 

This two week break can mean two things for this blog.  It’ll either be extremely “silent”, or quite busy.  The fist option is most likely, because most of my blog entries are inspired by day-to-day events.  I don’t think that I’ll reach the 1,000 readers mark by the end of this year, like I had hoped that I would. 

All I can hope is that my servers don’t magically all crash at once during the next two weeks.  That would be… unpleasant. 

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