Rockettheme – not for beginners!

Near the end of 2009, I had the great idea to redesign a site of mine.  Because I lack the graphical skills to do so, I thought it’d buy a Rockettheme template to start with.  Rockettheme templates come with all kinds of gadgets and look great; so why the hell not?

However, I learned quickly that using a Rockettheme template is way, way more complicated than just installing a template.  Installing a Rockettheme template, and setting it up in a way that you like, isn’t as easy as you might think.  In fact, it’s quite time consuming and you really need to know what you’re doing; since they expect you to figure out most things on your own. 

I consider myself to be fairly knowledgeable when it comes to Joomla, so it amazed me that installing a Rockettheme template is such a pain in the ass –especially when you already own a site.

Because of this, I want to give fair warning to everyone considering to buy a theme for Rockettheme.  Rockettheme templates look really cool; and their features are unmatched in the Joomlaverse.  But if you’re not experienced in Joomla, I wouldn’t recommend you to buy a Rockettheme template.  There’s too much configuration work and too little documentation; making it nearly impossible for beginners to achieve what they want. 

Sure, you could use the Rocketlauncher, but even then there’s lots of tweaking to be done before your website is “good to go”.

Am I saying that Rockettheme templates are crap? Most certainly not.  But I deffinitely don’t recommend their templates to the unexperienced. 

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