The Joomla and More “CMS Installation Test”

One of the things WordPress is best known for, it it’s “5 minute install”.  So, that made me wonder… How long would it take me to install a CMs, and configure it to have similar features?  I decided to create a simple “speed install” test.  In this post, you can read the rules for this “CMS Installation Test”.

We test how long it takes to install a CMS, and document it.

Why a Speed Test?

WordPress claims to offer a “5 minute install”.  We were wondering how long it takes
to install another CMS, and achieve the same result.

What are the rules?

We will Install a CMS, and make the site meet the following conditions:

  1. Must have one post on frontpage with one image
  2. Must have possibility to post more posts on same page.
  3. Must allow comments
  4. We will use the default template
  5. Must display latest articles
  6. Must display most popular articles.
  7. All sample data must be gone.

Installation conditions?

  • We install the CMS on our localhost
  • Installation files are ready in folder.
  • Text is already written (you’re reading it!)
  • Downloads don’t count towards installation time.

The Goal?

We want to see how long it takes to set up a CMS!

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