“There’s the web. Take it, it’s yours”

Yesterday, I announced that I was working on my blog template due to my conscience acting up.  I also mentioned how I was struggling with the header image for the new template I’m going to use.  Since I’ve got no designer skills, it was kind of hard to come up with something that didn’t look completely ridiculous.  After many attempts, I settled on the result you can see above.  There’s big letters saying what the name of our blog is, there’s a disclaimer that we’re not affiliated with Joomla! or OSM, and there’s a new tagline.  Or should I just say “tagline” as we never really had one before?

There’s the web.  Take it, it’s yours!

To say that I’ve thought long and hard about this tagline would be a line.  It suddenly popped in my mind, and I knew it:  this should be my tagline.  Those who have seen the movie Troy are probably familiar with the quote “Immortality!  Take it, it’s yours”!  Well, our tag line is based on that. kind of.  What we’re trying to say that the “web” is in reach of everyone.  Especially when you’re using Joomla!  which is the main reason people come and read this blog in the first place.  Other than that… it just sounds cool doesn’t it? 

This tagline is also the symbol of the transformation that Joomla-and-more has undergone in the past few months.  Where Joomla!  was once just “one of the topics” it’s now easily the most covered topic here at Joomla and more.  And since most of our readers come here for Joomla! info… well, that’s what we’re offering them.  And since Joomla!  is a CMS to build websites with… well, you know what we’re trying to say. 

Of course I’ll still be covering other topics as well, but there’s a chance that other articles might be posted on other blogs.  I’ll link to those said blogs when the time is right.  

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