Remove AdminTools’ .htaccess before using Kickstart

Two posts about Akeeba’s Admin Tools in a row? You bet. Today, I was staring at my screen wondering why I was getting an error that it was forbidden to run Kickstart.php

I was trying to restore a website, and had uploaded Kickstart and my back-up to the root of my site, at the time, to overwrite a (semi-broken) existing site.

If you are planning do do the same, please keep the following advice in your mind: You’ve got to delete the .htaccess file Admin Tools generated first.

The “Problem”

The “Problem” is that the .htaccess file is doing it’s job. It won’t allow you to run .php files anywhere, except those which Joomla needs. So if you want to run Kickstart you’ll need to remove the .htaccess file first. Simply select the file, and delete it. Then, try running Kickstart again.

You’ll see that, this time, it works like a charm.

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  1. AAAMAZING websites

    Thanks for this post Steve. I’ve got a few sites with Admin Tools, so this background knowledge is good to know.

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