Configure AdminTools’ .htaccess on Cloudaccess

If your website is hosted on, pay attention when using the AdminTools .htaccess maker.

When configuring your settings, make sure to disable the first option “Disable directory listings (recommended).


If you fail to disable this option, you’ll get a “500” error. The reason? Cloudaccess is already disabling Directory Listings on their servers.

Why does it say recommended then ?

Many hosting companies which don’t care about your security, have Directory Listings enabled by default. This allows hackers to see the contents of your directories, potentially allowing them to determine if you have outdated software and attack your site. This option is a “must” in order to prevent such abuse of the Directory Listings feature of Apache. Good quality hosts, like, have Directory Listings disabled globally and don’t allow their users to change this setting via their .htaccess file. This is why it throws a 500 error on those good quality hosts. Ideally, everybody should use a good quality host and this options could be removed from Admin Tools. Unfortunately, the majority of people use the sort of hosting that makes having this option in Admin Tools necessary.

The above explanation is courtesy of Nicholas Dionysopoulos, Lead Developer of

What other options should I disable?

None. They’ll all work as designed.

Disclaimer: Both Joomlareporter and ToralkoDocs are hosted on the lightning fast servers of Cloudaccess.

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