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Blogging is a great medium to help people get to know Joomla. Our Stats prove this, since over 10,000 visitors a month find their way to our tutorials.

But we’re convinced that there’s an even better way to offer you Joomla tutorials. A site, dedicated to “Using Joomla” That’s why I’ve launched “ToralkoDocs.” The goal of this new site is to offer you organized, easy to find Joomla Tutorials.

The site is not complete yet. But we could use your financial aid to get started. You can help us by joining our “Founder Club” on ToralkoDocs. We are trying to secure $250 to fund hosting for our website.

People who join the “Founder Club” get (early access) to our site. For the price of a yearly subscription, you will get 545 days of access to our site. But investing in something which isn’t done yet, can’t go unrewarded. That’s why I’m offering the following perks:

  • Access to (Ad-free) docs & Downloads for 545 days. That’s one year and a half (Future Subs will be approx. €20 for a year).
  • Each Founder Club member will get to suggest one article.
  • All Members of the “Founders Club” will be listed on our site.
  • My eternal gratitude!

I might think of more perks during the journey of building the site (no promises, though) – who knows. Don’t see it as a gamble. See it as an opportunity to invest in some (hopefully) great Joomla Documentation.

You can sign up for the Founder Club on this page.

Kind Regards,

– Steven Zeegers

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