Domain Services: Scam Alert

Some time ago, we warned people about a shady company that sends out threatening e-mails to people regarding their domain names. They would mail the owners of .com domains telling them “someone was trying to buy the .us” domain.

People fall for that, apparently. Really.

Now, (what I expect to be) the same company is trying something else. It’s mailing the owners of .com domains about your “business Domain name search engine registration”.

If you fail to register your domain name through their service, be afraid as it’ll be almost impossible to be found on the internet. You’re in luck, their service costs only a whopping $75 per year.

Of course, this is just a scam. You can register your domain name with Google, Bing, … for free. And to claim that, when you don’t do so, you will have a near zero chance to be found in the future? Flat out lie.

You can see an example of their scam mails below.

Scam Mail

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