Joomla tip: Post articles in the future

No one will disagree when I say that planning ahead is a good thing.  This applies to your Joomla site, as well.  Sometimes, you’ll want to ho ahead and prepare an article for future release.  There could be many different reasons, for this, e.g announcing when products go on sale for your company website, articles that need to fill a “future gap” for your blog site, … you name it. 

Since Joomla is a CMS – which means, it focuses on content – it’s only natural that it allows you to post an article today, but publish it on a later date.  This quick guide will point you into the right direction; although it’s painfully obvious. 

  1. Create your article; from either the back-end of front-end.
  2. Make sure that “Published” is set to “Yes”.   
  3. Take a look at the article parameters, to the right.  You’ll see “Start Publishing”.  Use the date picker to choose the date when you want the article to appear. 

And voila!  If the time settings for your website are correct, your article will be published right when you want it to! 

Article motivation:  I thought of this tip, because one of the Joomla sites we manage will be ridden of new articles for the next four days.  In our defense: It’s hard to post news ahead of the news actually taking place.

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