Website make-over: 50NET

It’s time for excuses once again.  I’ve failed to update the blog for a few days now; because there were some issues – both at work and private; some even crossed the borders! – I had to work out / worry about. 

So instead of a regular post, here’s another project that I’ve been working at with my collegues at analys4it. 

Note:  This will remain a blog that discusses Joomla and Joomla problems; this is just a “filler post”; not advertizing! 😉

50net is a website that is aimed at people in their fifties.  The website owner gave us “carte blanche” to change the website to our liking; after we had already taken over the “content” part in January.  We decided that a site for the elderly could still look cool  and fresh, though.  Using the Dominator template, we gave the website a make-over.  It’s now got a colorfull, vibrant feel to it and is just fun to visit. 

Feel free to check out our latest work here.  All content is in Dutch, though, so just take a look at the design and maybe let us know what you think. 

The next post WILL contain something else than flagrant promotion of the websites I’ve built, I promise 😉

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