Building the site: Plustek Project(3)

Tuesday was day 3 of the “Plustek” project.  Today I’ve once again been planning, tinkering and testing.  Fortunately, I also got some extra work done!

Note:  this ‘log’ will be brief, because I’m annoyed by something that’s not Joomla! related.  Damn you, car shop.  Damn you to hell and back!

Work done

  • Yesterday, I started by creating a subcategory for products.  I created the other categories, but while doing that I also tinkered with the K2 settings for a while.
  • I added a menu item for each subcategory I created; linking to a K2 Category listing.
  • I created a simple contact page, added Google Maps and added a Twitter and Facebook button.  Nothing fancy, just an image I downloaded from their site.
  • I installed ALFContact.  It’s my ‘Favorite’ contact module.  It’s clean and simple to use but with plenty of options, like allowing you to write an intro – outrotext, the option to redirect users to another page after sending the e-mail, support for Recaptcha, and the possibility for users to choose a contact from a drop down list.  Love it!
  • I installed the AllVideos Plugin.  Allvideos + K2 + Uberpagebreak = professional looking product pages.

Experimenting done

I’ve moved on with the K2.css customization.  Yesterday, I made some changes to the picture in the Category Listing View.  Today, I added a few other changes.  I’ve set the padding of a certain div – don’t recall which one – to 0 to reach the result I was aiming for.

That’s about it for today!

Comments on the process? Reply below!

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