makes a funny

In between posts about my project, I thought It’d be a waste not to post the gem I just discovered while on the Internet.  I was visiting while I was greeted by an advertisement – that’s already rare as I usually block any and all ads.  The ad was promoting… oh, well, you’ll see for yourself.

Joomla promoting Drupal
Is that... why yes, that's a Drupal Ad!

Why yes, that IS an ad on trying to sell me Drupal Hosting, and thus promoting Drupal.  Is someone trying to get a message accross?

Interesting fact:  I saw this happen before, on Computertaal – a WordPress based blog / site on anything computer related.  One of our authors had written an article on Briskl – which is basically just a WordPress install with a theme slapped onto it  – because it’s a product of our main sponsor.  When I visited the page, Google ads showed me an add, promoting… yes, another “cheap website concept”, also from Belgium.

Oh, Ads, you naughty boys, you.

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