Akeeba Backup: Folders unwritable after migration

At some point in your Joomla! website’s lifespan, the time might come to move.  From your localhost to the internet, perhaps.  Or, from one hosting company to another hosting company.  Migrating a site can sometimes be challenging.  We’ve all been there.  And when you think you’re done, sometimes Joomla! seems to slap you in the face by showing you errors where everything used to work fine.  But Joomla! is just trying to help, indicating what the problem is!

Akeeba Backup is one of the components that might show you an error after you’ve migrated a site.  When I migrated a website today, it greeted me with a ‘warning’.  You can see it below.

Akeeba Backup Problem
The red arrow indicates a problem...

Akeeba Backup tells you that some folder permissions are wrong.  Before you head to the Akeeba Forums and start harassing people, try the following suggestion.  Y’see, when you migrate a Joomla! website some of the old settings might still be “saved” in Joomla!.  Akeeba Backup is no exception.  So, let’s try to fix that problem!

Here’s how

  1. Click the “Configuration” button in the Akeeba Backup panel.
  2. You’ll see the screen as shown below.  The first two fields – Output Directory and Temporary Directory are the source of your problem.  It has remembered the old path, which of course won’t work on your new site.  (If you’re wondering: Hell yes, it’s supposed to save that path.)
    Akeeba Backup Problem
    These two paths might be wrong.
  3. To fix this, you’ve got two options.
    • Nice and easy: Type the following for both ‘Output Directory’ and ‘Temporary Directory’:  [DEFAULT_OUTPUT]
    • Or, if you insist, use the ‘hard’ way: You can click “browse” to try and find the correct path.  Which means clicking to administrator > components > com_akeeba > backup. For the Temporary Directory you’d have to browse to ‘tmp’.
  4. Either way, don’t forget to click the Save or Apply button afterwards.  Check the Akeeba Backup panel – it should now indicate it’s all good to go.
  • Disclaimer: If you want to use another path to store your back-ups, (Output Directory)  then great.  But since I don’t know what path that might be, you’ll have to figure it out on your own.
  • Note: The chances that your fields will say “thewrongpath!!” are slim.  Other values might be just as wrong.

6 thoughts on “Akeeba Backup: Folders unwritable after migration”

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  2. Thanks for this brief guide. This morning when I tried to create a backup for one site, Akeeba generated problems respect to write/read. Now, I have applied the ‘Nice and easy’ way to correct that issue. Again, thanks for your help! I did not know that constant.

    1. John, I’m glad the “nice and easy way” worked. I discovered it by chance; when I saw [DEFAULT_OUTPUT] in a site of mine I was wondering if that could actually be used instead of searching a path. As you know by now, you can!

  3. Ah fantastic thanks so much for this post! I was looking at paths and permissions for ever. I never realised it was the old hosting account root that was the issue.

    I’m going to look mor for more info on [DEFAULT_OUTPUT] too as it looks really useful.
    Regards Nick

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