(Rant) Sony, you’re killing me.

A month ago, I thought it was time for me to buy a Netbook.  Tired of having to carry my heavy laptop bag downstairs every time I wanted to get some ‘computing’ done while the rest of the family is watching TV, I knew a Netbook was the perfect solution for the simpler tasks.  I thought it would be a great way to “blog” since I could take a Netbook virtually anywhere. 

So, I went to my favourite ‘store’ and told them about my Netbook plans.  I wanted to buy an ASUS as I’ve used them in the past – and they’re probably the best netbooks out there.  But the manager said that, for only €400 I could buy a Sony Vaio, the “best of the best” in notebooks.  There was apparently some sort of ‘Special Offer’. 

“All right,” I said, “I’ll take the Sony Vaio instead.

I learned a valuable lesson.

Never let anyone talk you out of going for the quality purchase.

Special offers => Broken crap from the manufacturer

I’ve regretted my choice ever since.  From day one, this “top notch” netbook was irritatingly slow.  I couldn’t open any software without the entire netbook coming to a halt.  The only thing I could ‘do’ to make it somewhat useable, was fire up Google Chrome and do my writing in Google Docs.  I already hated the day I chose not to go for that Asus.

After two weeks of ignoring my awfully slow netbook (It was National Novel Writing Month, and one needs Microsoft Word or another program for that), I decided to start my netbook.  Much to my dismay, I was seeing “colours” all across the screen.  The Sony Crappio had already given up. 

So, of course I took it back to the place where I bought it, and they said they’d do what it takes to “get it repaired or replaced”.  Only problem is, Sony refuses to do something about the problem. Their stuck up repair department now claims that I “dropped it and broke it.”

Here’s the thing.  I never dropped the thing. I  would recall if I did.  Because I only started the piece of crap netbook two or three times.  I had already informed my vendor that this netbook wasn’t working and they asked me to “wait it out for a bit.”

Well, now the verdict is in. According to Sony, “not functioning properly while it’s brand new” and “a graphic controller that spontaneously bursts into flames” means it wasn’t DOA.  Why?  Because I managed to start their overpriced brick when I first got it? 

My vendor is going to see if they can get it fixed otherwise, and they’re going to contact the Customer Dep.  I have no hope that anything good will come from this.  Their ‘DOA Repair Service’ is staffed with a bunch of idiots, who

a) Refuse to tell WHAT the problem is, exactly, and what it might cost to get it fixed.

b) didn’t show us any proof of the “problem”.

c) simply send a letter saying “It hasn’t been fixed”. 

So why would any other department be any better?

Worst €400 ever spent.  Special Conditions, my ass.  Stop trying to sell your broken crap if you’re not willing to fix them afterwards, Sony.  And this is coming from the company saying “We should be glad to pay €600 for a PlayStation, because it’s the bestest ever?”. Too bad your Vaio’s don’t have the same quality then, huh?

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