Coming up on Joomla! and more

Hey folks,

It’s been a while since we’ve posted a new tip / tutorial / review (not counting the rant we posted yestarday). 
While we try to maintain a “One post a Week” schedule, we were too busy with other stuff to post an update.  Part of this are two Joomla! projects I’ve been working on in the past weeks.  And for the most part, they went quite well – unfortunately problems are our main source of new posts! 

However, as usual there were lessons to be learned from these projects.  One of these lessons involves dissapearing Web designers.  The other one involves Web Designers that forget that, if you don’t train your users to use your CMS properly, they make the designers look bad.  

We will be posting an article on both topics soon. 

Oh, and while we’re at it, we want to briefly tell you about a project we’re working on.  Our company, which works closely with a non-profit organization is working on a “News” website for said non-profit organization.  We’re using our favorite CMS (Joomla!, of course) in combination with K2.  Phase one was setting up a basic website and teaching people in key positions the ropes of using K2. 

In the next step, we’ll be handling the “design”.  We’re going for a “professional” newspaper look.  Some other parties might be kicked against the shins by our new website.  I already know at least one web designer company that’s pissed off. Apparently, our Joomla! based website is some sort of “Insult” to the portals they build.

Anyway, that’s not the point.  When the site is “done”, of course we’re going to post a few pics and the link.  Just to show you what Joomla! is capable off. 

Stick around for the updates.  They could come any time now!

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