Export ‘Akeeba Remote Control’ settings

If you’re maintaining Joomla! websites (be it one or tons of them) you’re probably using Akeeba Backup for your back-ups.  Right?  If you just said ‘No’ you should consider doing so.  But that’s not the point.

When you want to make managing your back-ups easier, and you’re running Windows, Akeeba Remote Control is the perfect tool for you.  It lets you add all your websites, which you can then back-up by clicking a single button.  Or, you can schedule your websites so the back-ups start automatically when you start the tool. Impressive!

But this is not a ‘Akeeba Remote Control’ review.  We’re here to share a tip with you.  Let’s say that you’re using Akeeba Remote Control on a PC, but for some reason you need to make the back-ups from another PC.  Maybe you’re switching computers, or maybe you want to make back-ups on a back-up location as well.  Or, you just want to save your settings? 

You can easily export / import your Akeeba Remote Control settings by using the steps below.  This tip came from Nicholas from Akeeba himself, and has been tested on ease of use.  It’s really, really simple.  If you fail at this, you might consider never touching a computer again.

How to do it?

1.  Navigate to the following folder:  C:\Users\((your user))\AppData\Local\Akeeba (Replace ((your user)) with your user name, obviously).
     Windows XP users:  Use the following path: c:\Documents and Setttings\((your user))\Local Settings\Application Data\Akeeba 

2.  You’ll find a single file, titled “arc.sqlite”.  This contains your Akeeba Remote Control settings.  Copy it. 

3.  If you’ve got Akeeba Remote Control installed on the other computer, paste the file in the same folder mentioned about.  Start Akeeba Remote Control; and see how your settings will have been ‘imported’!   

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