88% Joomla of my UJP’s happen on Mondays.

It’s true!  Oh, you’re now wondering what the hell an UJP is?  An UJP is a term I came up with literally a minute ago.  It means the following: 

Unidentified/Unsolvable Joomla Problem

AN UJP is a Joomla problem for which I can’t find a solution.  The reason I can’t find a solution for those problems, is because I don’t have a clue what’s causing the problem.  UJP’s can probably be solved by a lot of researching, but because they’re so out of place – and, mostly – just not something I want to deal with at that moment I mark them as “UJP” and just find a quick fix.

My UJP of today was that, after uploading a website to Hostbasket, I saw some very, very strange Joomla behaviour.  None of the files seemed to be readably anymore.  There were no permission problems as far as I could tell, but none of the files “replied”.  All I got were blank screens. 

Internet Explorer claimed ‘Internal Server Errors’ to be the problem, but meh… this project is due today so I re-uploaded the files again, from a different computer.  Guess what?  That solved the problem. 

For some reason my files got corrupted while uploading them.  Is it coincidence or not that GFTP kept crashing afterwards?  I think not! 

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