Back to work, I guess!

My well deserved vacation is over!  90% of it was great, I’ve managed to recharge my batteries while not thinking about work at all.  I guess that not thinking about work / Joomla makes me “less of a blogger”, but I don’t really care! 

I’ve done some thinking during my vacation, as well, and one think I came up with is that I’m going to de-diversify my blogs.  Yes, I totally came up with that word… What it means is that, more than ever, Joomla & More will get most of my bloggin’ love.

There’s an upside and a downside to this, of course.  The upside is more content.  More is good!  It means you’ll see more articles that fall into the & More category, but since most of you, the readers, use Google to go to a specific page, that won’t bother you. 

The downside – if that’s really a downside – is that you’ll see more than just the “How to solve this or that Joomla problem” articles around here.  In a way, I’m going back to the roots of Joomla & More before it – or at least some articles – became popular. 

Time to get back to work, I guess.  I’ve got a Joomla project I need to finish today! 

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