You can now publish from Adobe Lightroom to using an official plug-in

Photographers using both Adobe Lightroom to edit their pictures, and to publish their work (like yours truly) can now save a lot of time. has just launched a plugin for Adobe Lightroom which allows you to upload photo’s to the site of your choice, from within Adobe Lightroom.

To achieve this, you can install their brand new plugin 

Using the plugin, you can select the image(s) you want to add from within Lightroom, and publish them to their blog directly.

If you want to use the plugin to upload to your self-hosted WordPress sites, you can. If you’ve got Jetpack installed and can manage your site from within you can easily connect Lightroom to your self-hosted site as well.

We’re looking forward to using this tool (as soon as I figure out how Adobe Lightroom works).

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