[Q&A] Are we dissappointed in Joomla?

Here at Joomla and More we have never tried to hide the fact that we aren’t always happy with all things Joomla. That lead to one Twitter user asking what, exactly irritates us and “where we moved on to” (which we alluded to in a tweet.

We decided to answer the question in a video, instead of writing a long form blog post. You can see the video at the bottom of this post.

In the video we discuss:

  • What we believe Joomla’s strengths are
  • Which things irritate(d) us.
  • What has been keeping us busy when we weren’t working on Joomla things.

The video is roughly 20 minutes long.

1 thought on “[Q&A] Are we dissappointed in Joomla?”

  1. Wow, thats the longest, most detailed reply I have ever had to a tweet. 😉 I think i agree with you completely in all aspects. When I start a new project I am now worried about recommending Joomla! just incase it has been abandoned in a year or so. It seems like most of the big developers have moved to also developing for WP and that makes me wonder how confident they are in Joomla or is it just because WP is where the money is at. Either way, its the same thing. Thanks for the detailed response.

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