‘Write’ errors in Sage CRM on WS2008 64-bit

This post applies to Sage CRM and Windows 2008 64-bit or SBS 2008

[sarcasm]Today, I had the ‘pleasure’ to troubleshoot software of my favorite software company, Sage. [/sarcasm]  While Sage might be a big company, they are lacking in the ‘support’ and ‘documentation’ department. Others might’ve had other experiences, so I’m only speaking for myself here. 

Today, I ran into problems with Sage CRM.  Apparently, Sage hates anyone who dares to use new technology.  A few weeks ago we had our difficulties w/ allowing Sage CRM to run on our 64-bit SBS 2008 server.  I thought we had ironed out all the problems, but today I ran into a new issue. 

Several users mailed me that they saw the following error when trying to create / write a file:


Cannot create file "C:\Program files\Sage\CRM\CRM\Library\

The system cannot find the path specified.

There were some variations on the theme, but the bottom line was that they couldn’t write to the Library folder. 

It took me long enough to find the solution – Sage’s documentation is of absolutely poor quality – but I found the fix eventually:  If you install Sage CRM on a SBS 2008 server (or any 64-bit, for that matter) there’s a chance that the path to your ‘Library’ is wrong.

  1. Log in to Sage CRM with an administrator account.
  2. Go to Administration –> e-mail and documents –> Documents & Reports –> configuration
  3. Look for any field referring to the library path.
  4. Change the path to c:\program files (x86)\sage\crm\Library
  5. Save the changes

Note: It’s perfectly possible – although unlikely – that your Sage CRM is installed elsewhere.  Change the path in point 4 accordingly.

8 thoughts on “‘Write’ errors in Sage CRM on WS2008 64-bit”

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  2. Thank you for your advice and warning to your fellow users! Much appreciated.
    I would also like to share my love for sage crm with you!

    They really do not care about customers once they get their initial money through selling the license and software then they literally throw you to their so called business partners which is a way of getting rid of you really! The so called business partners are nothing but blood sucking, decieving, lying, greedy ***** who will try they level best to fool you into buying some services from them, namely “technical support”, “consultancy”, “software assurance & patches” etc by getting in a contract with them and paying them even more exorbitant amounts of money and once again as soon as THEY get your money, they pretty much are like “F*** you”.

    Best part is if you have a problem with these business partners to whom you were forcefully pushed to, then sage will be the first to wash their hands off any responsibility or anything whatsoever!

    What a clever and smart company!

    May they all rot in hell!

    1. Have you applied a patch or SP to CRM, that has been customised? If not, good luck 😉

      1. Hey,

        It’s been a while since I had this problem. As far as I know, I managed to solve it back then, so it’s all good. Haven’t used Sage CRM ever since. (Or any other Sage product, for that matter)

  3. Is it just me, or doesn’t that error message pretty much explain what’s wrong as well as any that I’ve ever seen?

  4. Whilst I agree totally that Sage are lacking in documentation and some areas of support, this problem is really not a problem. Try working with it a bit more!

  5. I agree on the documentation aspect of Sage lacking generally. But you should have someone (preferably more than one) that can learn the ins and outs of their programs. I’m that person at my company. After spending thousands of hours with the software over the years. I’ve discovered solutions on my own that have met many of my organization’s needs. And I also create documentation on my own for the quick fixes and gotchas I’ve found. I had a lot of help at first with learning from our provider (DSD, who have generally been pretty good). We’ve got several programmers at my company and we work together to work out everything from reporting to VB macros. So while Sage really needs to step it up on documentation (especially the technical underpinnings of Accpac, CRM, etc) my experiences have been largely pleasant. Thanks for the Error fix description though.

    1. Hi Kimberly,

      I’m glad to see you’ve got a good experience with Sage CRM. I’m sure it’s a great project once you get the hang of it!
      However, for someone who never heard of it and was told “Hey, you, configure this. You’ll have to find the information on this site here” the experience was less pleasant as you can imagine.

      Best of luck with your future Sage CRM endeavours. 🙂

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