Why some people shouldn’t touch computers…

Disclaimer:  The following post will not solve any computer / Joomla / Ubuntu / … problems.  It could cause problems, however, if you forward this post to people and tell them they’re “that guy / woman.”  Which is entirely your fault.  Fear their “Bad Karma”. 

When I was still a network administrator in training, two of my instructors told me about “Karma” in relation to computers.  According to their theory, some people are capable of wrecking virtually any computer because of “Bad Karma”.  They were joking about the Karma part, but dead serious about the wrecking part. 

Since that day, I’ve started to notice that some people are indeed capable of drastically shortening a computers’ life expectancy.  During that very same training, maybe a few days after we were “enlightened” about the “Bad Karma”, a woman managed to ruin two brand new computers, that were working just fine before she started to use them.  She didn’t do anything special, computers just seemed to die in her presence. 

While this is the most ironic time it happened – it’s a good thing she dropped out of the training because a network admin with her “powers” could ruin a company – it certainly wasn’t the last.  Ever since, I’ve seen it on many occasions that some people can break just about any computer; without doing something special or dangerous (surfing porn, malware infected sites, smashing their laptop while losing at WOW…).  Just today I had to fix TWO computers of one of our sales people.  You read that right.  She managed to incapacitate two different computers in a very short life span. 

Some of you might point out that all of the people in my examples are women.  I am by no means saying that women can’t work with computers but in my experiences, they’re often the ones that manage to break anything.  But there’s man who are just as “capable” in doing this, as well.

I have tried to figure out what the deal / problem is with these people, but I have yet to find the answer to this mystery.  Maybe I’m seeing ghosts, but on the other hand I might be on to some big, dark secrets.  Time will tell!

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