Working on two Joomla projects at once

I often wished that I could be a writer for a living.  But I’m not, so I got to work to pay my bills, and part of that work is building web sites in Joomla!  Not that I mind, because it’s a huge source of inspiration for this blog.  Can you taste the irony? 

Either way, we’re currently working on two Joomla!  projects. One is for a paying customer; the other one is a website we ‘acquired’ a while ago.  It’s a news site that’s seen better days, and needs to be ‘rebuilt’ in every way we can imagine. 

I wish that I could show you the ‘works in progress’, but since we’re still in the ‘throwing stuff on the site to see how it works out’ phase, so I’m not going to.  That, and we’ve had some ‘server issues’ lately, so I don’t want to stress our demo server more than I have to. 

What I CAN show you, is the old sites.  Feel free to take a peek at them, and learn from the ‘mistakes’ that were made. 

Here you go:

First site

Second site

I’ll show you the final result when I’m free to do so; which might take a week or two.  I can tell you that the metamorphose for the second site will be astonishing!  

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