(Probably) No updates this week

As much as I hate saying it ( I am, after all, a statwhore), I’ve got to announce that there probably won’t be any updates this week. 

These’s quite a few main reasons for this:

  • No time for Joomla:  I haven’t worked with Joomla since the week started.  And since working with Joomla is my main source of inspiration, that is kind of a problem.
  • I’m in the middle of an unconventional SBS migration (‘ we can’t migrate because we’re not supposed to transfer that and that data, so do it all manually’)
  • I’m also in the middle of deploying Ofan Workforce on a Beta Testers’ network; which means I’ll have to do an SQL Server 2008 installation at 8 PM
  • Worst of all: Our cat, Pepper, is terribly sick after we’ve had her sterilized.  She hasn’t been eating or drinking in days, and she’s now at the vet.  This is a huge distraction for me; as you can imagine. 

I’ll see you back when I’ve got some more Joomla / Blogging space in my agenda! 

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