Joomla is REALLY a world-wide phenomenon

One of the great things about Joomla!, is that it’s so… global.   It is used in tons of countries across the world, and you can find developers in almost every country.  Just a few examples of Joomla’s globalism:

  • Mambo, the product Joomla was based on, was built by an Australian company.
  • Brian Teeman, one of the founders of Joomla, is from the U.K
  • There are some great developers out there; whose stuff I use daily.  For example, the French add-on Acymailing is a great tool to send newsletters
  • There are translations in any language you might know.

But the reason that I write this post, is because of something I ‘saw’ today.  My collegues and I were looking for a good template, and found the Dominator Template, on  I had already made the purchase; when I read the site news.  A title, “Impact of Kyrgyzstan events”, drew my attention.  Apparently, Joomla has reached eastern-europe as well!

I’d also like to use this post to show my support for the people of  They’re in a tight situation right now.  You might have heard about the riots caused by the opposition.  Those riots are causing problems for our fellow Joomla! ‘ers in Kyrgyzstan.  They had to close their office; and move all their equipment to a ‘safe place’.  I can only hope that things calm down over there.  Not that I know them personally, of course – but, you know, they’re Joomla! people like you and me, and it sucks that they can’t do what they’re good at right now.

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