Upgrade to Joomla! 1.5.25 using AdminTools

As we all know, upgrading your Joomla! website is an important thing to do. And with two security releases in a short time, it’s possible some of you forgot to apply all the updates.

If you’re not on version 1.5.24 of Joomla you’ll see that there are no upgrade packages available for your version of Joomla!. The only upgrade package available is the 1.5.24 to 1.5.25 upgrade.

In the worst case scenario you’d now have to upgrade all sites to 1.5.23 first, then upgrade them to 1.5.24 and then to 1.5.25. Which is quite the chore if you’ve got a few sites under your belt.

Not if you use Admintools, though…

Users of Admintools can easily upgrade their sites using the built-in “upgrade” functionality which offers you one-click upgrades. Nice and easy!  But what do you do when the “Upgrade” option isn’t available in Admintools because there’s no upgrade package? Use the “Re-install option!”

Using the re-install option you can upgrade your site to the latest version of Joomla, without breaking your site. What happens, is that (all) the new files are written to your website, so you’ll have the latest version.

As always, we recommend you to create a back-up before upgrading.

Haven’t installed Admintools yet? Get it here for free.

Steps to follow

1. Go to Components > Admin Tools.


2. Click the button saying “Joomla! Core UPDATE FOUND

3. In the next screen, click “Reinstall 1.5.25”

4. In the following screen, click “Update Joomla!”

After Admin Tools does its thing, your website will now be upgraded to the latest version.

Note: Admin Tools also works under Joomla 1.7.

5 thoughts on “Upgrade to Joomla! 1.5.25 using AdminTools”

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  2. i got error when i click Update Joomla!..the error i received is (The archive file is corrupt, truncated or archive parts are missing)
    i am using it in the local host ..kindly guide

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