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When you’re working on a Joomla project, you will need to find hosting at some point.  And you’ll want that hosting to be as compatible with Joomla as possible.  THere’s a ton of hosting solutions you can choose from, but most of those solutions – and even the “specialized” solutions aren’t quite what you’d be looking for.  About 99% of the “Joomla Hosting” solutions are shady, and the “regular” hosting solutions aren’t always too great either. 

So I thought that It’d be a good idea to make  a list of my own with solutions / companies that offer quality hosting, suitable for a Joomla project.  I’ll start with the ones I had some experience with myself, and hop that I’ll get some input from you, the readers.  You can suggest any solution, from any place on this globe.  You can even suggest your own solution.  When sending me a suggestion, make sure to follow the rules I’ve set out for entries:

  1. Show me an example / examples of Joomla sites hosted on that solution.
  2. Be clear / specific.  I’ll want a company name, a specific solution (no “Company X offers great hosting, I bet there’s a linux solution that can host Joomla entries” please) and, obviously, a way for people to find that solution (or even to order it). 
  3. I’ll the location of the servers.  A general location (country, state, maybe even city) will do.  This’ll help me sort the servers on location.  There’s no point using German servers when there’s a “solution” 100 kilometres away from your home. 
  4. If possible, provide a price estimate.  This’ll allow for sorting on price. 

The result of these entries will be placed on my website, and all IT related blogs.  If requested,  I can always add your name and a link to your site with the entry you make. 

One more thing:  if you’re offering Joomla Solutions yourself, and you could let me test those – for, let’s say, a few days – that would be a plus.  I’m not looking for free hosting, it’d just allow me to offer more details on the solution you’re proposing. 

The list so far: 

Recommended in BELGIUM:

  • Linux hosting Intro (Hostbasket N.V, location: Antwerp, Belgium):  While a bit more expensive than other “Shared” solutions, the packages offered by Hostbasket are suited for Joomla perfectly.  I’ve yet to experience a problem.  The sites are fast, you can use all Joomla options (including SEF URL’s) and the support is excellent.  link +/- €120 a year
  • Linux hosting Advanced (Hostbasket N.V, location: Antwerp, Belgium):  See above, with the difference that you get “more” like more bandwidth, a bigger database, etc. etc.  Both packages can be expanded with more bandwidth, storage, databases, etc. etc. link  +/-  €210 a year


  •  Yes, they’re cheap.  But their shared linux solutions are a Joomla disaster.  Forget about SEF, and forget about custom PHP pages just as well.  Their dramatic performance is widely discussed on difference internet forums.


Got an entry to submit? You can find my contact date here, or comment on this article. 

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