One good reason not to install CutePDF

If you’re in the market for a PDF Printer, there are quite a few choices out there.  I am not going to tell you which one you should install (at least not in this blog post) because taste and budget varies.

However, I’d like to use this blog post to point one out which you shouldn’t install. CutePDF.

One reason, really.

I’ve got only one reason why you shouldn’t try this program. But it’s serious enough for me to recommend you not to install CutePDF.

When you are installing CutePDF, at one point the installer asks you if you want to install a toolbar by the no longer relevant internet company You can choose not to install this dreaded toolbar, and move on.


Even when you choose not to install this toolbar, it will be installed and find it’s way into your browsers – even when you don’t agree with their user agreement.  This is a capital sin in my books. ‘No’ means ‘no’, CutePDF.

The toolbar found it’s way into all my browsers – even Google Chrome. The nasty part is, it’s not an add-on you can remove. You’ll have to go to your configuration panel, and remove it from there. Apparently, this toolbar from hell doesn’t need to be installed inside your browser to terrorize you and use your precious pixels with it’s pointless presence.

I’m not blaming you, CutePDF.

Not for trying to make a few dollars by signing a deal with, that is. I very much blame you for installing a POS toolbar despite the user choosing otherwise, though..

2 thoughts on “One good reason not to install CutePDF”

  1. agree with 100%.
    I was extremely disappointed.
    Immediately I uninstalled.

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