Automate Akeeba Back-up on Combell

This Blog post is a rather specific one, which I’ve written for myself mostly. For a while now, we are using Combell as our hosting partner. They offer high quality hosting, for a good price. They also offer us options we did not have access to before.

One of them is the option to configure Cron Jobs. This allows me to automate my back-ups with Akeeba Backup. Being able to make back-ups 5x a week without having to intervene is convenient, as you can imagine. No more worries about your Joomla site being “safe”. No time wasted on manual back-ups.


  • Make sure Akeeba Back-up Professional is installed, and configured properly.  It’s best to make your default profile one that stores your back-ups remotely. Otherwise, you’d still need to delete the .jpa files manually.
  • Go to “Parameters” and click the “Front-end Backup” tab.
  • Set all options to “Yes”. For the Secret word, use a passphrase which you note somewhere for the time being. Make sure it’s long and complex!
  • Configure the settings for the e-mail, so you’ll be notified when a back-up was completed. This prevents you from having to guess about the status.

Once that’s done, head over to Combell and head to .

  1. Go to “Web Hosting”. Then click “Hosting Details” next to the site for which you want to configure the back-up.
  2. Go to “Geplande Taken” (Or “Scheduled Tasks”). Click “Cronjob Toevoegen” (Add Cronjob)
  3. Configure the schedule as you see fit.
  4. In the field to select the path to the script; paste the following; “index.php?option=com_akeeba&view=backup&key=(your passphrase)

  5. Of course you’ll want to replace (your passphrase) with the one you actually generated before…
  6. Save the Cronjob. You’re now good to go; Akeeba Backup will create back-ups automatically.

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