New Series: Building the Site.

I thought it would be interesting to start a new “thing” for Joomla!.  Under “Building the Site” I’ll be keeping some sort of logbook for Joomla! projects I work on.  That way, you can get some insight in how a site is created, pick up some extensions that might be usefull to you, or comment on “how I did it wrong.” It’s all good!

To start these series, I’ll start with what’s probably the most prestigious projects I’ve worked on for a while.  My employer has signed an agreement which makes us the distributor of Plustek scanners for the Benelux.  I’ll be building a website that presents the products, using Joomla!.  It will have to be a multi-language website, with a focus strong focus on the products.  Follow the first episode of “Building the Site” to see how it turns out!