Building the site: Plustek distributor (1)

Last Friday, I got green light from management to start on the Plustek Project.  I was given a very short deadline:  “Get the site down by the end of next week.”  Far from ideal, so I’ll have to see if I can extend the deadline. 

The deadline does not drive me to work faster, though.  Quality over speed, that’s what I say. Here’s a summary of what I did on Friday.

check “original” site

First, I take a look at the Plustek site, because it will be my main force of information.  The website I build has to fit in with Plustek’s own sites, so I try and analyze their site.  I get a general idea of what content I need to present, and take out pen and paper to sketch some ideas.


When I mean sketches, I don’t actually mean “drawings”.  I try to write down ways I can present the content.  It’s like drawing a flowchart, but with words.  After a while I’ve come up with how I should present the content. I need the following:

  • A home page, that presents the new models to the audience.  They should also have the possiblity to click through to the scanner “categories”. 
  • An about section, in two parts:  one part must present our company; the other part must present Plustek’s products. 
  • A Products section; which will strongly resemble the “Products” page on their own website. 
  • A “Where to buy “ page, which will present our resellers.
  • A Contact page (that’s a given)

I use Visio to convert this information in a flow chart, for future reference. 

They day is almost done, but I spend some time thinking about how to execute the project. I add the K2 component on my list of tools to consider. 

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