Jerror unable to load database driver

Today, while working on a customer website, I ran into a Joomla error I hadn’t been confronted with before:  Jerror unable to load database driver. 

This particular error indicates that there’s something wrong with your database connection.  While the other database error implies that you’ve supplied the wrong parameters, this error seems to indicate that you haven’t supplied any parameters at all. 

When you receive this error, try the following. 


Open your configuration.php file, and check the settings for your mysql database.  You’ll have to check the following lines:

    var $dbtype


    var $db

    var $user

    var $dbprefix

    var $password

    When checking these settings, you’ll probably notice that there’s no value for the setting.  To correct this, provide the proper settings, save configuration.php and upload it to the server.

    Note:  This error is a rare one.  It shouldn’t happen during a “normal” Joomla installation, but it could take place at occasions, e.g when restoring an Akeeba back-up to an unwilling server.  

7 thoughts on “Jerror unable to load database driver”

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  2. Whoever you are you JUST solved a major problem I had with my joomla site..

  3. thanks for the help … I was trying this all day. finally a solution for the configuration of my seat … I’m very grateful ….

  4. Hi there! I had a fully working basic installation with a template installed in Joomla 3.0.2. Then, I decided to upload the “quickstart” package to get my template to run like the demo site. I got the dreaded “JError: Unable to load Database Driver: mysql” error. I replaced the configuration.php from my previous working setup. It didn’t work.

    What can I do?

    Kind thanks

    1. Hello Garo,

      I hope you remembered to make a back-up (using Akeeba Backup) before uploading the package? Depending on the template provider, a Quickstart package also contains the Joomla files which is not something you’d want to update.

      Your error suggests there’s a problem with your MySQL settings, have you made sure they’re correct?

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