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Hey there, readers! How are you doing today? Great, great.

Today, we’d like to take a moment to talk about Social Media. And, to be specific, about how you should follow us on Social Media.

It’s true, some people think that “Blogging” is also a form of social media. Here at J&More we don’t quite feel that way. Blogging is more of a form of “news”. Whether that’s local or national news, doesn’t really matter. The things is, not a lot of people interact on blogs. It’s not the ideal platform to do so, anyway!

Let’s get closer!

We want to get to know you, our readers better. We want to interact with you as a group, or one on one. We want to know what questions you have, or what ideas you’d like to see us execute. We want to interact!

The easiest way to do that, is through social media. We want to interact with you on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ (The last one was a joke. We haven’t logged in there over two years). But we don’t just want you to follow us so we can dump content (or ads) on you. Here’s some fun ideas we had:

  • Questions! You ask us questions, and we’ll do our best to answer.
  • Questions? We ask you, the people a question, and give you a chance to respond. It could lead to some pretty interesting conversations.
  • Polls: Because your opinion is important to us
  • Video! We could address things through videos, or perhaps Facebook Live Streaming

And there are so many cool things we could do, once we connect online. So, what do you say? Click that like button. You know you want to.

You can find the link to our Social Media on the left, under “Follow Us.” We’ll see you there!

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