CMSSUMMIT at MergeShow: Last chance to get tickets at discount

Starting October 14th, MergeCon will be home to the CMS Summit, a place to “Learn and Network”. With sessions and workshops covering CMS’es such as Joomla and WordPress, this summit is called an unique learning opportunity. Amongst the speakers are some names that might be of the most interest to the Joomla community:

  • Robert Jacobi, Joomla / OSM President
  • Steve Burge, CEO OSTraining
  • Chad Windnagle, Joomla contributor
  • Hason Nickerson, Joomla contributor
  • Jim Gregory, Joomla volunteer

They will be holding talks amongst other speakers, covering a broad range of subjects. If you are interested in attending CMS Summit, now is the time to order your tickets. Using the coupon code JOOMLA you can get the tickets at a discounted price of $300 until September 1st.

Info and tickets can be found on the website.

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