Save 25% on Premium Backup Software for WordPress and Joomla

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Thanksgiving is coming. That means that, even if you don’t celebrate that American holiday which has got something to do with Turkey and ruining family relationships through forced conversations around a dinner table, you can have a party. With your wallet. Because as usual, a lot of online companies are offering great deals on their services and products.

If you run a WordPress or Joomla website, one deal might be interesting for you. Akeeba Backup is offering 25% off of every new subscription. Akeeba Backup makes backup software for both WordPress and Joomla. Their solution is easy to use, but power users can play with advanced settings like backups to the cloud, excluding folders, encrypting their backups and much more.

To save 25%, go to and use the coupon code BFWKND2017

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