How to save even more money when buying domain names from Godaddy.

In this post I’ll share a secret that will save you a lot of money. “A lot of money” being relative towards the amount of money you’d pay, of course.

If, like me, you’ve got some domain names parked at Godaddy you’ll inevitably receive e-mails encouraging you to renew them near the expiration of the domain. By which I mean “They’ll start mailing you about 2 months before expiration and send an e-mail with an offer you can’t refuse every week after that.”

These mails promise you a “Great offer”, and should you click the mail you’ll be taken to their site, where they once again point out how much they’re saving.

When you’ve arrived at this point, use the following trick to save even more money.

1. Navigate to the tab you’ve opened their site in.
2. Click the “X” and close that tab. It’ll be okay, I promise.
3. Open a new tab
4. Navigate to either or
5. Transfer your domain names.

That’s right. The secret is to buy your domain names elsewhere.

THeir best price? Not so great!

What makes me give you this advice? Well, today I was domain name renewin’ at Godaddy. Their best offer would save me €10, which sounded great.

Until I did a quick check (my experience told me I had gotten better prices elsewhere), and much to my surprise (not really) two other registrars’ made a way better offer. At either or I’d pay $42 instead of €42 (Approximately $55). 

Now, I’m not telling you what to do with this information. I’m just telling you that the “best offer” of Godaddy isn’t that great compared to regular prices of other registrars. But, you say, maybe you’re paying a premium for great add-ons? Well, you’re wrong.

The point of all of this?

The point I’m trying to make, is that if you’re a Godaddy customer, you could save a lot of money by taking your domains elsewhere. I’m sharing this information with you, for free, as a fellow domain name buyer. There’s nothing in it for me whether you use this advice or not. I’m not sponsored by either of them, there’s no affiliate links in this post… Just friendly advice. 🙂

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