Clean up your tmp folder with Cache Cleaner

Spring is in the air. Great weather, plants and flowers that are blossoming… and people have the inexplicable need to do a “Spring Clean-up”.

Cleaning up your websites is something you should do, too. And not just for spring. Did you know that your /tmp folder is a haven for megabytes of files that you’ll never use again? This folder is used to temporary store files when installing extensions – and updates of these extensions.

Anything in this folder can be safely deleted – but you can’t delete the folder. There’s two ways to approach this: The wrong way and the right way.

  • The Wrong Way: Delete the content of the folder manually. Possibly the worst method to do this is by FTP.
  • The Right Way: Use “Cache Cleaner” by Nonumber

Don’t let the name “Cache Cleaner” fool you. The free version of Nonumber also cleans up the tmp folder for you. All you have to do is click the button in the top right corner of your site (Up until Joomla! 2.5) or the bottom left corner.

Clearing the tmp folder with Cache Cleaner only takes two clicks.

You can download or buy Cache Cleaner here. The Professional version offers you a bunch of other interesting features, such as: automatically cleaning your cache by interval, emptying folders that you define yourself, or even emptying specific database tables. For only €10 a year, this is a tool you should consider adding to your toolbox.

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