Got something you want us to write about?

Here at Joomla & More we try to keep things fresh, by blogging about interesting problems we encounter regularly. It happens, however, that there’s no problems for us to solve. Then what? We could try redesigning the blog again… Or we could create a Joomla! blog of Joomla & More that we’ll never use.

You know what’s a better idea?

“No” isn’t the right answer, I’m afraid. The proper answer is “crowd sourcing.” We’re opening Joomla & More to suggestions of you, the reader.

Have you got a question you’d like us to answer? Is there a product you want us to review for you? Do you want us to study the influence of the male-female ratio on inter-working-groups politics in Joomla?

Using the form below, you can make a suggestion, for a topic you want us to discuss right here. Except the third one above. That’s a joke. Obviously.

UpdateThe form has been closed due to a lack of interest.

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