Help FOSS Get Exposure At Biggest Business IT Event – Cebit

ImageLast year, a coalition of FOSS CMS’es such as Drupal, Joomla , Typo3 and Plone marched to Hannover, Germany. Their mission? To spread the FOSS message at Cebit, one of the biggest IT events in the worlds – and beyond a doubt the biggest IT event targeting a Business audience.

Thousands of visitors go to Cebit every year, to make deals on printers, learn about Taiwanese computer cases or to visit the e-Gaming event. But in 2013, they were welcome at the CMS Garden booth to learn more about different FOSS CMS’es – standing side by side, not as competitors but as partners in crime. With 10,000 visitors at the CMS Garden booth, their mission – to educate the Cebit visitors – was a big succes.

This year, the FOSS alliance wants to return to the home-town of football club Hannover 96, to return to Cebit. But boots at Cebit aren’t cheap. The price for their booth for 2014 is estimated at €50,000 (or roughly $70,000 dollars). CMS Garden has already received sponsorship from the likes of OSM (Joomla!), Plone and Typo3 but they’re not packing to travel for Hannover, just yet.

You can help

You can help CMS Garden return to Hannover, to spread the “Joomla Love.” Or Drupal Love. Or Typo3 love. We don’t judge. Here’s some ways you can help:

  • Make a donation through their site
  • Buy an add in the book they’re working on
  • Sponsor them in another way.

Regardless of what your budget might be, the place to be for more information is their website:

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