#j32improvements: Edit Articles From Within Menu Items

Earlier this week, I was working with Joomla 3.2 when I noticed there’s a few nice improvements made in Joomla 3.2, especially in the UI department. So what does a blogger do? He makes notes, and (tries to write) a series of blog posts.

Using the (hash)tag #j32improvements we’ll be taking a look at some of the improvements, because to quote myself:


Improvement #1: Editing an article from within a menu item

Before Joomla 3.2, hen you added a single article to a menu item, and you wanted to edit it later, you were setting off on an adventure.

  1. You find the page you want to edit on the site.
  2. Open the Menu manager, and locate the menu item.
  3. Take note of the article title.
  4. Head to the Article Manager.
  5. Locate the article, and open it.
  6. Edit the article, and save it.

Surely, there must be a more direct route, right? Well, now in Joomla 3.2 there is! If you open the menu item, you’ll see a new button next to the article title.

Edit Menu Item

When you click the “Edit” button, the article editor opens in a new window – and you can start editing the article straight away. Nice and easy, right? Definitely a big improvement, and a great start of this series.

We already love the new feature. Which new features do you love? Which should you blog about? Let us know in the comments, tweet @jandmore using #j32improvements or mail us at jandmore@toralkolabs.net

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