External Mail & Hetzner Managed Servers

People with a Managed Web Server with Hetzner might notice that their site has problems e-mailing to their own e-mail addresses when they’re having their e-mail hosted elsewhere.

The reason for this “problem” is likely that you’ve still got Hetzners’ Mail service enabled for your domain. You need to disable this service, so your site can send e-mails to the proper address. Otherwise, the Managed Server will think it’s in “control” of your mailboxes and will try to deliver the mail to the “internal” mailbox.

You can easily disable the mail service by following the next steps:

  • Go to your domain in Konsole
  • Open “E-mail and click “Email System Status”
  • You’ll see a message that local mail delivery is active. Click “Deactivate” in the top right, and confirm you want to deactivate the service.

Once the local mail delivery is deactivated all mails sent to your e-mail addresses coming from your website should be delivered without problems

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